Multilayer Damping Mat 18 Sheets High Adhesive

Multilayer Damping Mat 18 Sheets High Adhesive

MultiLayer Extra is a new generation high-end product based on a dense mass loaded butyl mastic composite base. The high mass and damping factor of the loaded layer allows Multilayer Extra to fight vibrations in the car more effectively while the elasticity of the butyl material increases convenience of installation. 

Multilayer Extra features the ultimate sound deadening four layer sandwich: 

1. An aluminium 0.1mm covering with deep tension constraining layer. 

2.  classic butyl mastic layer. 

3. High density mass loaded layer that increases weight and stiffness to kill resonant frequencies. 

4. Another  butyl mastic layer. 

Multilayer Extra is designed for high end audio installations and heavy bass systems where high mass and ultimate extreme vibration reduction is required. With military grade construction and highly effective damping. Damping Mat is already the choice of many car audio competitors. 

1. Multilayer Damping Mat

2. 4mm Thickness

3. High Mass Butyl Construction

4. Mastic High Adhesive

5. 0.1mm Aluminium Top Panel

6. Special Deep Tension Anti Resonance Top

7. Sheet size 375 x 265 mm

8. Bulk Pack 18 Sheets

9. Weight 6kg/sq.m 

10. Typical uses of this product:

Fitting to a vehicle floorpan and metal panels to absorb and reduce vibrations, rattles and road rumble.

Lining metal panels, cabinets, sinks, home applicances, computers etc to prevent noise and vibrations.

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Multilayer Damping Mat 18 Sheets High Adhesive

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