Noise Buffler 30mm Sound Proofing Hoodliner Absorber

The Noise Buffler 30 is a sound absorption blanket made with a special formulation acoustic material, 30mm thick, with an aluminium foil face and a self adhesive backing.

This product is specifically designed as a noise absorbing liner to sound proof a car bonnet, engine bay or enclosure. For the maximum noise absorption it should be applied on top of a layer of sound deadening mat.

The Noise Buffler 30 is a high quality acoustic grade open cell, flexible, polyurethane material designed for optimal sound absorption over a broad frequency range. It has excellent resistance to heat, moisture and petro chemicals.

  • Car Bonnet / Engine Bay Sound Proofing Liner
  • 30mm Thick Acoustic Foam
  • Aluminium Layer Reflects Heat
  • Fire Retardant Heat Resistant Material
  • Strong Self Adhesive Layer
  • Supplied as a Single Sheet
  • 95cm x 95cm (37.5" x 37.5")

Typical uses of this product:

  • Fitting to a vehicle bonnet underside to reduce engine noise.
  • Lining machine cabinets and engine bays to reduce noise.

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Noise Buffler 30mm Sound Proofing Hoodliner Absorber

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