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Acoustic Foam Liner Dodo Sound Stopper MLV 15mm Car Van Proofing Insulation Mat 

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Acoustic Foam Liner Dodo Sound Stopper MLV 15mm Car Van Proofing Insulation Mat 

Dodo Sound Stopper MLV -The Ultimate Sound Blocking Mat - 4 layers of sound proofing in one unique product

Use Dodo Sound Stopper MLV as a barrier product to absorb noise from the engine, tyres, exhaust and general road roar whilst helping to block low frequencies.
The unique 4 Layer construction;

2 x Layers of high grade open cell Sound absorbing foam
1 x Layer of decoupled sound blocking Mass Loaded Vinyl
1 x Aluminium foil constraining layer
Ideal for use beneath carpets on the Floor, Bulkhead and Boot etc

The Dodo Sound Stopper product has been designed to provide maximum noise reduction.

It is achieved by engineering a 2 high grade noise absorbers with 1 very effective high mass loaded barrier layer plus an aluminium foil constraining layer.

The effectiveness of the mass loaded vinyl is greatly increased by the sandwich design decoupling it from the vehicle bodywork.

The materials and their thickness are chosen to optimse the acoustic performance, the lamination is achieved using high performance reactive adhesives.

Dodo Sound Stopper includes an aluminium foil heat shield constraining layer for use in demanding areas of the vehicle.
Sold as Single Sheet
Sheet size = 900 x 600mm (0.54sq.m / 5.8 sq. feet)
Thickness = 15mm
Total weight per sheet = 3.2kg
Temperature Range = -30C > +100C
Fire rating BS476-6&7 Class "0"
Open Cell polyurethane foam
MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier
Foil Heat Shield
Absorbs, Insulates, Blocks

N.B installation requires spray adhesive or edge tape.
Typical uses of this product:

Fitting to a vehicle bulkhead, firewall or engine cover (interior) to block and absorb excessive noise.
Shrouding or lining a casing for a pump or generator to quieten and prevent noise leakage.