New Sound Proofing Thermal Insulation 6 Sheets

Sound Proofing Thermal Insulation 6 Sheets

Noise Isolator 6 is a noise and thermal isolation sound proofing material made using special closed structure foam technology. 

Easily installed this self adhesive product will improve the cabin environment.  Interior temperatures will be regulated and noise will be reduced from the engine, road and tyres etc. Ideal for use on the floor, doors, roof, bonnet, firewall, bulkhead, van walls etc.  

Isolator is best used together with  Deadening Mat as a 2-layer solution to reduce and absorb airborne noise. When applied over sound deadening mat this simple treatment will dramatically lower road noise in the vehicle allowing easier communication with passengers, better radio performance and less driver fatigue.

This self adhesive high quality isolating layer can maintain shape under pressure yet be flexible enough to trim easily in many areas of the vehicle.

Isolator 6 is water and high temperature resistant. 

  1. Features:
  2. 6mm thickness
  3. Absorbs airborne noise
  4. Seals Panels 
  5. Thermo-insulated
  6. Water resistant
  7. Heat Resistant
  8. Includes Strong Self-Adhesive layer
  9. For Floor, Doors, Roof, Bonnet, Firewall, Bulkhead, Van Walls
  10. Apply over  Deadening for best results
  11. Size
  12. Thickness: 6mm
  13. Sheet Size: 980mm x 500mm
  14. Sheet Coverage: 0.59 sq.m (6.3 sq.ft)

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Sound Proofing Thermal Insulation 6 Sheets

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